Our Approach

As individual as the students we teach

At Astrum we are proud that our schools and colleges are all different, so you can choose the learning environment that is right for you. We encourage our students to be individuals, to think both critically and differently, to pursue their ambitions and to excel in all they do.


Whichever Astrum school you choose, the education you receive will be supported and strengthened by our unique approach. By understanding you as an individual, how you learn and what motivates you, we develop an individual learning plan designed to meet your ambition and ensure you achieve your potential.

Teaching Approach
Microscope Study

The Astrum Learning Programme (ALP)

Our educational approach is defined by our unique Astrum Learning Programme (ALP).The ALP delivers a bespoke learning programme to each of our students. By taking the time to understand your motivation, interests, aptitude and ability, we deliver a tailored learning plan specifically to suit your goals.

How does it work?

The concept of ALP is best understood when our teaching methodology is explained. ALP profiles your ability and maps out a programme of learning. The programme takes advantage of areas you are skilled in and areas that will benefit from more focus.  We deliver exceptional academic results using a mix of teaching techniques, such as creative reasoning, mind-mapping and speed-reading, coupled with bi-weekly reviews, assessments and examinations.The ALP is offered at each Astrum school and benefits from:

  • Outstanding teaching that combines the best of traditional methods alongside state of the art educational practices
  • Small, focused classes with discursive, interactive lessons that allow teaching and learning to be adaptive and to respond to student performance
  • Clear and challenging objectives in every lesson
  • A dedicated Personal Tutor for every student
  • Academic profiling using Durham University’s ALIS/YELIS performance predictors
  • Comprehensive notes for all subjects
  • Weekly exam practice with comprehensive feedback
  • Expert university placement advice and support
  • Cognitive skills training to complement the academic knowledge