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A-Level Reforms

Remaining Ahead of the Game Even When the Goalposts are Changing

How Do the A-Level Reforms Affect Us?

In September 2015, the tried and tested system of A-Levels in England and Wales underwent significant changes. The government replaced AS and A2 levels, which have been in existence since 2000, with two ‘new’ qualifications. The changes mean that there is a period of up to three years when candidates take new A-Levels in some subjects alongside old A-Levels in other subjects. These A-Level Reforms will affect manystudentss currently studying and about to study A-levels in the UK.

As educational leaders, Kensington Park School and Chelsea Independent College are committed to providing students with a quality education, preparing them with the knowledge and skills necessary for success at the UK’s leading universities, and subsequently in their professional careers. The AS and A-Level reforms, implemented in September 2015, help ensure that our students are always ahead of the game.

Tutor Notes

We believe that time in the classroom should be spent exploring subject areas to gain a true insight and thorough understanding of the current syllabuses. We seek to give students the skills and tools needed to solve problems, as well as preparing them fully for their public examinations.

We provide students with a comprehensive set of concise notes, corresponding to examination specifications for each of their subjects. Classroom time is focused on active engagement, exploration of the subject area and developing the necessary skills to succeed. Tutor notes provide our students with an accurate source of information, which can be used to read ahead and refer to during lessons, as well as to revisit and revise from.

Examination Practice Papers

Exams are the core form of assessment in most qualifications, but can be a cause of considerable stress for students. We take a proactive approach to preparing our students for their exams so that they can achieve their full potential, demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding and ultimately gain their best possible academic results.

Our Examination Practice Papers system ensures that students sit frequent practice exams consisting of questions from past papers. This regular experience of working under exam conditions helps build confidence and develop an understanding of the exam process, which we believe is crucial in ensuring success in end-of-year exams. It also allows teachers to keep a close track of their students’ performance and to identify areas of study which may need revisiting.

Our tutors’ work through exam papers and results with our students in forensic detail to identify where their performance was strong and where increased focus is required. In this way, students develop a deep understanding of what exam questions mean, what an examiner is looking for in the answer, which questions carry the most weight and how to prioritise and manage their time when sitting exams. This detailed understanding of exam requirements gives students the confidence to successfully manage exam anxiety and consequently excel.

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