2016 A-Level Students’ University Destinations

Examples of degree destinations

We are delighted to provide some examples of the places our students have won at the most selective universities to read the most prestigious degrees.

Alicia Hunter Duff Miller Oxford Medicine
Ellie Evans Lansdowne Oxford Engineering
Sheng Hung Hsu Lansdowne LSE Finance
Steven Wang Duff Miller LSE Management
Jun Kyu Lee Chelsea Imperial Theoretical Physics
Clarisse Beurrier Lansdowne Imperial Biological Sciences with Management
Yating Liu Lansdowne Imperial Computing
Alan Yan Duff Miller Imperial Chemistry
Rosie Nguyen Duff Miller St Andrews Psychology and Management
Andrea Nguyen Duff Miller St Andrews Management and Psychology
Ann Hussain Duff Miller Durham PPE
Xan Coptcoat Duff Miller Durham Biomedical Sciences
Ed O’Callaghan Duff Miller Durham Anthroplogy and Sociology
Jonathan Leonor Chelsea Warwick Sociology
Daniel Isaac Lansdowne Warwick Mechanical Engineering
Gleb Pilipenko Duff Miller Warwick International Management
Xuan Lin Chelsea UCL Chemistry
Jaehong Ju Chelsea UCL Chemical Engineering
Seyedeh Sara Amirizadeh Lansdowne UCL Management Science
Sai Wo Chu Lansdowne UCL Computer Science
Zakaria Khan Lansdowne UCL Biochemical Engineering
Irina Rachkova Lansdowne UCL Biomedical Sciences
Megi Kociaj Duff Miller UCL Neuroscience
Sepher Samimi Duff Miller UCL Pharmacy
Sylar Yue Duff Miller UCL Physics
Tusita Gopal Duff Miller UCL Pharmacy
Joel Barratt Lansdowne Exeter Physics
Johanna O-Hagan Lansdowne Exeter Medicine
Luke Marinos Duff Miller Exeter Mathematics
George Matthews Duff Miller Exeter Biochemistry
Mathuri Sathanandan Duff Miller Exeter Medical Sciences
Yash Sondh Duff Miller York Physics and Astrophysics
Joongmo Lee Chelsea KCL Mathematics with Management
Crystal Liu Duff Miller KCL Chemistry with Biomedicine
George Ng Duff Miller KCL Electronic Engineering
Andrew Porter Chelsea Bristol Economics
Nima Pourdad Chelsea Bristol Law
Jennifer Gibbs Lansdowne Bristol Veterinary Science
William O’Rourke Lansdowne Bristol Economics and Management
David Sadaghiani Duff Miller Bristol Physics and Philosophy
Saira Saleem Lansdowne Sheffield Dentistry
Wei-Chu Wen Lansdowne CASS Management (with year in industry)
Mary Martin Duff Miller Chicago Economics (with scholarship)