Clubs and Activities at Astrum Education

An Engaging Programme of Clubs, Societies and Activities

At Astrum Education we understand the importance of extracurricular pursuits as part of a broad educational and developmental experience, so we provide our students with an engaging programme of clubs, societies and activities throughout the year.

Alongside their academic studies, students can participate in a variety of highly enjoyable pastimes and social events. We are always happy to introduce new activities which reflect their wide-ranging interests, as we believe breadth of experience is an integral part of developing the rounded, confident individuals which our students become.

Excursions and Events

Excursions augment and enhance subject tuition, raising students’ cultural and scientific awareness. Typical local destinations for outings include the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum, the Tate Modern, the Imperial War Museum, the Tower of London, the Science Museum and the Globe Theatre.


Sport is an integral part of life at Astrum colleges and contributes significantly to the holistic environment we offer. There is a range of team and individual sports which promote both personal development and fitness. The most popular sports include: boys’ and girls’ football, badminton, rugby and table tennis, but we also encourage alternative activities such as rock climbing and yoga.

Clubs and Societies

Our Student Councils and college staff manage a full range of clubs and societies for students to enjoy. The Debating Society explores conflicting viewpoints on historical and contemporary, moral and political issues, such as the legitimacy of the ‘War on Terror’, or medical ethics, while the Economics Society focuses on topical issues.

Guest Speakers, Community Activities and Work Experience

Throughout the year we welcome external guest speakers, practising professionals and academics who enrich our students’ knowledge of potential further study and career opportunities. Students are also encouraged to get involved with the wider community and annually raise money for the charities of their choice. We also assist our students in identifying relevant work experience, career masterclasses and insight days with which they can enhance their studies and personal development.