Astrum Education Honours List

Our High-Performing Students of 2015

At Astrum Education colleges, the ultimate aim of our students is to gain entrance to leading universities. We nurture this ambition by ensuring all students recognise their own personal strengths and match these to the most appropriate degrees. In addition to the expert tuition they receive, we provide students with unrivalled UCAS application support.

The results and destinations achieved by our classes of 2015 recognise the efforts of staff and students. Our high-performing students include:

Chelsea Independent College

Peter Curry, United Kingdom, A*AAA, History – University of Cambridge
Adil Malik, Pakistan, A*A*A*, Electronic & Information Engineering – Imperial College London
Delali Amanyoh, United Kingdom, A*A*AB, Computer Science – University College London
Beatrice Maria Rossi, Italy, A*A*A, French & Management – King’s College London
Barnaby Hurst, United Kingdom, A*A*A, Engineering Mathematics – Bristol University
Yifei Pei, China, A*A*A, Civil Engineering – Imperial College London
Daria Postnikova, Russia, A*A*A, Biochemistry – University College London
Yuxin Gao (Abbie), China, A*A*A, Geology – Imperial College London
Ning Tang (Eleanor), China, A*AA, Politics & Economics – London School of Economics
David Wilson, Iran, A*AA, Biochemistry – University College London

Duff Miller Sixth Form College

Grace Murphy, United Kingdom, A*A*A*A*A*, Chemistry – Imperial College London
Alice Hart, United Kingdom, A*A*A*, Neuroscience – University College London
James McGrath, United Kingdom A*A*A*, Natural Science – Durham University
Salar Nouri, Iran, A*A*AA, Management Science – University College London
Joao Ribeiro, Portugal, A*A*AA, Medical Engineering – Bath University
Leilah Hirson-Comley, United Kingdom, A*A*A, Biomedical Science – Durham University
Artem Makarov, Russia, A*A*AB, Biomedical Engineering – Imperial College London
Joris Simatitis, Lithuania, A*AAB, Chemistry – University College London
Talia Al-Mushadani, United Kingdom, A*AA, Biology – Imperial College London
Lai Wa Tong (Max), Hong Kong, A*AA, Actuarial Science – London School of Economics

Lansdowne College

Mingjie Yu, China, A*A*A*A*, Mechanical Engineering – Imperial College London
Chan Nai Ying, Hong Kong, A*A*A*A, Law – City University of Hong Kong
Dalia Zayeri, United Kingdom, A*A*A,Mathematics – Edinburgh University
Seeta Patel, United Kingdom, A*A*A, Medicine – Imperial College London
Akarys Serikbayev, Kazakhstan, A*A*C, Accounting and Finance – Birmingham University
Ade Ibrahim, United Kingdom, A*AA, Accounting and Finance – Durham University
Nadia Abulhawa, United Kingdom, A*AB, Psychology – Liverpool University
Jiaqi Dang, China, A*AC, Civil Engineering – University College London
Anima Sutradhar, United Kingdom, AAA, Biochemistry – University College London
Maya Shardow, United Kingdom, AAA, Product Design Engineering – Loughborough University