Exam Success

Exceptional Efforts of Our Students and Teachers Combine

At Astrum Education colleges, expert tuition, personal guidance and comprehensive application support helps our students progress to a broad range of competitive degrees at the most sought after universities each year. This success is a testament to both their own efforts and the efforts of our exceptional staff.

Chelsea Independent College

Daria Postnikova (Russia)
A-Level: A*A*A
Biochemistry, University College London
‘Chelsea has a more individual approach with smaller classes, greater focus on academic studies, and a very cosy atmosphere. No uniform helped us feel more at home as well as calling teachers by their first name. I received support and guidance from all teachers, including the
Head of Sixth Form, who helped me with my university choices and UCAS application. Having a tutor group every week allowed me to be on top of my schoolwork and upcoming college events.’

Barnaby Roberson Hurst (UK)
A-Level: A*A*A
Engineering Mathematics, University of Bristol
‘My favourite lesson is Further Maths because the subject is more theory-based than normal
mathematics; this means that you can really develop an interest in the subject outside of what is required for your exams.

The college has been very helpful during the application process, correcting drafts, giving me
advice and generally helping me to write my personal statement. The tutors also encouraged me to go to various open days for top ranking universities and see which course and city would suit me best.’

Duff Miller Sixth Form College

Helena Reynolds (UK)
A-Level: A*A*A
Law, King’s College London
‘My first couple of essays were Cs but after feedback from my teachers I was getting As within a
couple of weeks. The teachers have a huge amount of knowledge and are very inspiring. I gained entry to Law at King’s College London, and was the recipient of a Dickson Poon Scholarship. The scholarship was based on a written submission which Duff Miller helped a lot with.’

Chen Mei Chen (Taiwan)
A-Level: A*AAB
Biomedical Sciences, University of Surrey
‘I chose to study at Duff Miller because I was attracted by its academic reputation. My advice is to stay motivated and study with friends. I am now studying Biomedical Sciences at the University of Surrey.’

Lansdowne College

Alejandro Akerman-Cobo (Spain)
A-Level: AAB
Aerospace Engineering, University of Manchester
‘The frequency of exam practice has had a great effect on my academic performance as it helps me to get used to exam pressure and an exam environment, as well as being excellent revision. I received a lot of support from both my personal tutor and my teachers. This was very useful as I come from a different country and the UCAS process was something completely new to me.’

Kavan Bywater-Brenna (UK)
A-Level: A*AA
Microbiology, University of East Anglia
‘The teachers always supported me and were very attentive during the UCAS application process and my personal tutor’s advice was always of value. The Study Centre proved invaluable to me during my A-Levels as somewhere to revise and complete assignments.’