High School Term Programmes

A Unique Insight into British Culture for International Students

Astrum Education’s High School Term programme offers international students the chance to gain a unique insight into British culture.

Students can attend one of our leading London sixth form colleges for one, two or three terms. Here they can develop their academic and social English skills while enjoying an unforgettable cultural experience.

Astrum Education’s colleges offer a structured learning environment where students’ progress is carefully guided and monitored. Personal tutors provide individual advice and guidance. There are monthly reports and weekly examination practice. High School Term students are fully integrated with British and international students on long-term programmes preparing for entry to top UK universities.

On completing the programme students are presented with a comprehensive report. They can extend the programme to include the sitting of formal examinations if they later decide to obtain either the GCSE or A-Level qualification.

GCSE High School Term Programme

Students aged under 16 on 1 September follow the GCSE programme which includes Maths, English and Science with options to study humanities and creative subjects.
IELTS requirement: 4.5 or above.

A-Level High School Term Programme

The A-Level pathway is for students aged 16 or over on 1 September. If they choose to start in September they may study four subjects of their choice plus Academic English. If they start in January they choose three subjects in addition to Academic English.
IELTS requirement: 5.5 or above

Students aged 16 or over whose English language level is lower than IELTS 5.5 may be recommended the GCSE programme.

Students are advised to check that subjects can be validated within their home education system and that their domestic school will give credit for studies completed at their London sixth form college.